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Izabella’s Story

IzabellaIzabella Rose Brancato was born May 19th, 2006 via c-section. You might say this may have saved her life. When she was born she was beautiful, pink and a great apgar. The next morning, our doctor came for a rountine baby well check. She said Izabella had a heart murmur but most babies out- grow it. We thought nothing since Izabella’s papa had a heart murmur. The next day, same routine but she said the rumor was louder. She said she was sure it was fine but she would rather be safe then sorry. We are so glad we have such a great doctor. The next day Izabella had an echo. That evening, our world came crashing down. Much to our surprise as well as our doctor, Izabella was diagnosed with Tetrology of Follet. They took her away to the NICU. My family spent the evening with me at the hospital taking turns visiting Izabella. The following morning, Dr. Young from Children’s Memorial came to examine her. She sat down and explained the condition, what would happen and what we should do. Luckily, we got to take Izabella home. We spent the next three months living in fear. Would she have a blue spell? We did have one trip to Children’s for a respiratory infection. Otherwise, she was not a typical TOF baby.

On August 15th, 2006, Izabella had her surgery, a complete repair. It was the worst and best day in our life. Letting her go to surgery was heart wrenching. After 5 hours, she was out of surgery and doing great. We spent 10 days at Children’s before returning home. Izabella is now 21 months and a little spitfire. If you did not see her scar you would have no idea she had a heart defect. She is growing and learning with her peers if not ahead. We are very proud of Izabella. She is our hero!

Written by her mother

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