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Sponsorship Opportunities

Envision your brand aligned with the Saving tiny Hearts Society’s annual events. When you purchase a sponsorship package, your company has the opportunity to produce company awareness and brand recognition, as well as visibility throughout our social media outlets and on our website. Depending on the package you purchase, you could benefit from additional logo placements in all notifications leading up to the event that are sent to thousands of people.

This is about more than just creating brand recognition for your company, though. This is an opportunity to put your best foot forward and create lasting memories while giving back to the community. This is about the opportunity to be recognized as an organization that cares.

In addition to the marketing and advertising we do for you, the capability of creating opportunities through your own marketing strategems about supporting our nonprofit organization are limitless.

We look forward to promoting your company.


Annual Gala Sponsorship Opportunities

The Saving tiny Hearts Society’s gala is our largest annual event. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to create wonderful memories, experience something greater than ourselves and give back with great opportunities to promote your company.

Sponsor Packages


Partners in Progress

CFSC Community Financial Service Center

Baier Hills Family

Paul Cardall

Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation

Glenview Capital Management

The Claro Group

PREMIER Design + Build Group, LLC