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About Our Organization

Saving tiny Hearts Funds Lifesaving Research

Since 2006, Saving tiny Hearts Society (StHS) has been working to fulfill our mission of raising seed money for grossly under-funded, lifesaving grass roots research of congenital heart defects (CHD’s). This seed funding acts as a bridge for this research to millions of dollars of extramural funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) or other outside funding. To date, we have raised millions of dollars and funded 50 research projects.

StHS is one of the United States most efficient non-profit organizations, maintaining an operating overhead of under 5% of our total revenue. Our main objective is determining how to prolong, improve and save the lives of children born with Congenital Heart Defects.

Mission Vision Values

Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Values


Saving tiny Hearts Society is passionately dedicated to eliminating Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) as a major health concern by funding revolutionary life saving research for the #1 Birth Defect worldwide, to improve, prolong and save the lives of countless children born with CHD.


To create a world without Congenital Heart Disease (CHD)


H onesty – We demonstrate the highest moral and ethical behavior in all that we do.
E xcellence – We improve, innovate, learn and exceed expectations.
A ttitude – We listen, share, touch, heal and nurture a spirit of hope.
R espect – We embrace the worth of each person and treat all people with dignity.
T ransparency – We openly share information as agents of public trust.
S tewardship – We wisely and responsibly manage all resources entrusted to us.

Our History

Our History

Saving tiny Hearts Society was founded by Francie and Brian Paul after their son Joshua was born and diagnosed with severe complex congenital heart disease.




Medical Advisory Board

Meet our elite group of world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeons, reseachers and cardiologists who determine which projects StHS will fund.

Board of Directors

Get to know our appointed members who maintain a united goal, navigate forward progress and make decisions for the betterment of the organization.

Sponsors & Partners

Meet our sponsors and partners. StHS is proud to present the sponsors and partners who make it all happen with their generosity and kindness.